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Our three retail brands, PEPCO, Poundland and Dealz, alongside our sourcing operation, PGS, form our platform for ambitious growth across Europe


With its Head Office in Poznan, Poland, the company has over 25,000 employees in 17 territories in Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe including stores in Italy and Spain. This year Pepco has also successfully launched its first stores in Germany and Greece.


Following the launch of the first Pepco stores in Poland in 2004, Pepco expanded into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2013, and between 2015 and 2017 opened in Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia. Since then it has opened in Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, Italy and Serbia and Spain. In 2022, Pepco has also successfully launched its first stores in Germany and Greece.  

Pepco’s stores are conveniently located in small to medium-sized towns and offer customers a bright and inspiring retail experience. They range in size from 350 to 700+ square metres.

Pepco is widely recognised as one of Poland's strongest brands and most dynamic companies. It has regularly won the Forbes Diamond Award as one of the country's fastest-growing companies and the Superbrand Award for quality and trust among Polish consumers.


PEPCO website


Since opening its first store in Burton-on-Trent in 1990, Poundland has built a network of over 900 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland


Poundland now employs almost 17,000 colleagues who serve over seven million customers every week from Wick to Weymouth, Londonderry to Lowestoft and Holyhead to Hastings

Poundland offers thousands of quality products in store with over 1,000 well-known brands in 17  shopping categories including food and drink, health and beauty, household, gardening, DIY, pet, stationery, books, DVDs and toys. It is on a journey from being a single price retailer to becoming an established simple price retailer with a number of clear price points. While the majority of items in its stores are at its original £1, it is extending ranges at simple price points above and below £1 that also offer amazing value.
Poundland also trades internationally through the Dealz brand with a growing store base in the Republic of Ireland, Poland and Spain. See our Dealz information section for further detail on these operations.

Within the UK and Ireland, Poundland has also rolled out its fashion brand PEP&CO to around 350 of its larger stores.

In 2015, PEP&CO started as a standalone brand offering customers a full range of women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion began rolling-out Shop-in-Shops within Poundland in 2017. PEP&CO brings new style to Poundland with simple low pricing on family fashion that is otherwise hard to find on local high streets.


Poundland website PEP&CO website


Dealz operates across Europe, currently trading from c. 200 stores in the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Poland.


Dealz takes its inspiration from Poundland but adapts it to local markets with a mix of locally and internationally sourced items dominated by the FMCG brands that customers already know and trust.
Dealz brings Poundland’s simple and straightforward pricing model to European shoppers, offering unbeatable value to its customers.  
Our small to medium-sized stores are located for convenience in shopping centres and retail parks, offering a curated mix of apparel, general merchandise and FMCG.

Our Dealz stores in the Republic of Ireland are well established and we have a proven proposition with exciting plans to expand the brand further in Spain and Poland – two large and growing markets where customers are currently underserved by value retailers.


Dealz Ireland website Dealz Spain website

Dealz Poland website



PGS provides product sourcing, product development and technical services to our PEPCO, Poundland and Dealz brands.

PGS is not a retail brand but it is crucial to our business and a real point of difference as we bring value to customers using our vertically integrated South and East Asia supply operation.

PGS delivers $1bn of goods for our operating companies through its operations in mainland China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.