Our values

We are proud to make a difference to the customers we serve and the communities in which we trade

Our approach


Pepco Group’s central mission is to offer value to families on a budget.

That means we are at the forefront of lowering the cost of living across the markets we serve, providing customers with what they need for their homes and families each week.

We are proud that our operating companies make a real difference to the customers they serve and the communities in which they trade, including additional local support for those most in need.



How we operate is as important to us as what we do.
Our Pepco Group values – Simplicity, Integrity, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship – are at the core of our approach and form the foundation of how each operating company applies its own values.


Keeping things simple is key to operating efficiently with low costs and low, simple price points.


We put honesty, transparency and respect at the centre of how we work. That means building businesses that listen to their own people and wider stakeholders, encouraging challenge and keeping our promises.


We know our businesses are based around our people and that when we work together, we can achieve more than we can alone.


Our Group is led by talented entrepreneurs who have built and led retail businesses from the ground up. We encourage the leaders in our operating companies to act as if they owned their businesses; to lead innovation and change at pace; and to treat every Euro, Zloty or Pound as if it were their own.



Pepco Group’s own vertically integrated sourcing business, PGS, is responsible for over 75% of the general merchandise and apparel items that we offer in our stores.

The Group has strong policies in place to protect to protect the integrity of our supply chain. We regularly engage with our suppliers and conduct audits. The Group operates a Supplier Code of Conduct for its supply chain and factories. All active factories are audited at least once per year by Pepco Group Compliance in accordance with local law and our Code of Conduct.

The Supplier Code of Conduct ensures colleagues in factories are treated fairly and lays out our position on bribery, transparency and unauthorised subcontracting. It is aligned with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, an internationally recognised set of labour standards based on International Labour Organisation conventions.

The ETI Base Code


  1. Employment is freely chosen
  2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  4. Child labour shall not be used
  5. Living wages are paid
  6. Working hours are not excessive
  7. No discrimination is practiced
  8. Regular employment is provided
  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Anti-Bribery Policy: Robust anti-bribery and corruption policy along with a supplier Code of Conduct modelled on ETI Code.

Right to Work Policy: Robust recruitment policy including conducting eligibility checks for all new colleagues to safeguard against human trafficking or individuals being forced to work against their will.

Whistleblowing Policy: Robust whistleblowing policy so that colleagues know that they can raise concerns about how they or other colleagues are being treated, or practices within our business or supply chain, without fear of reprisals.

PGS works hand in hand with key suppliers and develops them as trusted and long-term partners. Pepco Group Compliance also uses regular audits to drive improvements in factories. In FY21, we conducted 1,574 factory audits with a pass rate of 78%. When a factory fails an audit, it is given a corrective action plan (CAP). When the factory provides sufficient evidence that CAP has been delivered, Pepco Group Compliance then performs a re-audit.

Our Poundland and PEPCO brand are also members of Sedex, the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains across its members. This enables us to make the right supplier choices and facilitates transparency among our retail peers.

Outside of apparel and general merchandise, the overwhelming majority of FMCG products on sale in Poundland and Dealz are sourced from leading global suppliers such as Nestlé, Unilever and Proctor & Gamble.

These companies have established robust and audited sourcing policies that allow customers to buy their brands with confidence.

Exceptional Employer

Our colleagues rely on us to provide stable employment and opportunities to realise their potential in a working environment where they can perform at their best. We work hard and aspire for each of our businesses to be a great place to work, to grow a career and to work alongside supportive colleagues.

Employee engagement

We prioritise workplace engagement in our businesses and seek to provide a positive workplace experience and environment where our employees can excel and have equal access to professional and personal development opportunities.

Diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing

We are committed to cultivating a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities and customers that it serves. We strive to diversify our workforce both through recruitment and through active talent management and development of our existing workforce. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Developing our colleagues

We are committed to training and retaining our colleagues through learning and development programmes, the right remuneration and open and honest feedback. We have many talented and committed colleagues across our workforce and where possible we seek to promote internally. In FY21, we promoted over 2,000 of our people within our businesses.


Our business operations result in environmental impacts which we are committed to minimising through our policies and initiatives. Because of our scale, seemingly small actions can deliver measurable impacts. This means it is important that we accumulate positive practices year on year and continually evolve our business towards more sustainable practices and that our operational decision making considers the impact on the environment, for example the use of natural resources, recycling and energy efficiency.
We continue to build upon our sustainability initiatives and are committed to expanding our responsible environmental practices. Our environmental focus is to provide “Better Products” for the environment by working with our supply base to enhance the sustainability of our products and contribute to a “Greener Environment” by lowering our operational impacts on the environment year on year. Some of our key priorities moving forward concentrate on environmentally responsible production, product packaging, use of raw materials, plastic bags, and energy and waste management.

As an example of our efforts, in FY21 PEPCO eliminated over 200 tonnes of plastic by changing packaging to 100% cardboard solutions in flipflop hangers, sock hooks, and accessories head cards. It also developed a new standard for its suppliers, expecting cardboard packaging to be free of additional plastics that can make it difficult to recycle.

Our stakeholders and the wider public expect us to operate in a responsible manner and to be a positive force for good in our local communities. We are committed to contributing to the communities in which we serve; for example, we provide clean and safe stores, we provide value for the “mum on a budget”, we foster an ethical supply chain, we look after our workforce and we give back to our local communities.

Strong Society

Our central mission is to offer value to families on a budget. That means that we are at the forefront of lowering the cost of living in our local communities, providing items that people buy week in, week out for their homes and families at an affordable price point. Understanding the needs of our customers informs every aspect of our business.

While that is our core mission, we must also contribute to a “Strong Society” through positively impacting the communities where we trade by providing our local communities and customers with affordable sustainable products and charitable support.

We are proud that our businesses make a real difference to the customers we serve and the communities in which we trade in many other ways and without fanfare. Our businesses are empowered to partner with local charities to provide direct support to their local communities.

In FY21, we have supported over 80,000 people in our communities across the Group.


 To give just three examples of charities and organisations we support across the Group:

  • Pepco Group sponsors the School of Hope in Bangladesh and India, with the help and supervision of PGS. The School of Hope is an organisation operated by Hope Worldwide. Through this partnership we support the “Pepco Group School of Hope” primary schools and vocational training centres. The School of Hope changes lives by harnessing the passion and commitment of staff and volunteers to deliver a high-impact, community-based service to those in need and is exclusively funded by the Group.
  • PECPO are an international partner of SOS Children’s Villages. The partnership covers eleven markets where, together with local branches of the NGO, it supports children by getting involved in activities aimed at improving the quality of their free time, focusing on their development, strengthening their skills and competencies, and increasing their interest in art, culture and sport. Through charitable support in FY21, it managed to reach 60,000 disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Poundland proudly launched its own charity, the Poundland Foundation. The Foundation brings together all of Poundland’s charitable activity, including generous donations from customers, inspirational fundraising by colleagues and support from suppliers. It demonstrates Poundland’s commitment to the communities it serves. The Foundation builds on the existing partnerships with Make A Wish UK, Tommy’s and Whizz Kidz and also develops Poundland’s support of local communities across the UK. Alongside the national charity partnership, the Foundation awarded grants to community organisations close to Poundland stores.