Building Europe’s pre-eminent discount variety retailer Pepco Group offers price leadership and a differentiated proposition.

Our inputs

Unique direct sourcing operation

PGS maximises buying scale and operating efficiencies, thereby lowering costs and improving margins. With the full product development chain managed within the Group, the vertically integrated model also provides a high degree of visibility and control over our supply chain as well as flexibility in sourcing.

Differentiated product

We offer a diverse range of FMCG, homeware-led GM and apparel, providing our core shopper, a “family on a budget”, with their regular shopping replenishment needs.

Local stores

We own and operate a multi-format, Europe-wide variety discount retail business, through local stores located across 21 countries. By focusing on standardisation and repeatability across our store structures, we are able to expand our store footprint efficiently in line with our growth prospects.

Infrastructure and distribution network

We continue to invest in the development of high-quality, scalable infrastructure, including information technology, automated warehouses and more efficient and resilient multi-point distribution.

Our colleagues

Talent retention and development is central to the success of our business, and we aim to maintain the right pipeline of skills within the Group to facilitate the long-term success of our growth strategy.

Natural resources

We aim to use natural resources responsibly, minimise waste and increase our use of sustainable and recyclable packaging. We are introducing new sustainable ranges, for example our ‘Pepco is Green’ range.

Our operating segments


CEE’s leading variety discount retailer

  • Multi-price customer offer
  • Apparel, for the whole family (with a particular strength in childrenswear), home décor, toys and seasonal products

Poundland Group

Simple price architecture, with expanded price points to meet demand for enhanced choice

  • Comprises Poundland in the UK and Dealz outside the UK
  • Apparel, FMCG and GM. FMCG led with a price architecture anchored around a limited number of simple price points


Group global sourcing delivering competitive advantage

  • Supply network of 375+ vendors utilising 700+ factories
  • Sourcing footprint across five key territories (China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Hong Kong)
  • Sourced 84% of Pepco Group own label apparel and GM goods in FY22, consisting of 1.3bn shipped units
  • 280 employees delivering end to end sourcing; merchandising, quality assurance and product inspection service.

Our proposition

Our values

Pepco Group values – Simplicity, Integrity, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship – are at the core of our approach and form the foundation of how each operating company applies its own values.


Keeping things simple is key to operating efficiently with low costs and low, simple price points.


We put honesty, transparency and respect at the centre of how we work. That means building businesses that listen to their own people and wider stakeholders, encouraging challenge and keeping our promises.


We know our businesses are based around our people and that when we work together, we can achieve more than we can alone.


Our Group is led by talented entrepreneurs who have built and led retail businesses from the ground up. We encourage the leaders in our operating companies to act as if they owned their businesses; to lead innovation and change at pace; and to treat every Euro, Zloty or Pound as if it were their own.


The Group’s strategy is to build further competitive differentiation and strengthen the defensibility and sustainability of its operating model through the following four key strategic pillars:


  1. Grow revenue, brand and market share.
  2. Enhance portfolio of stores, categories and ranges.
  3. Drive cost efficiency
  4. Simplify customer offering and drive operational simplicity.


Our vision is to be the largest, the best, the cheapest and the most well-known variety discount brand in Europe.

The Group’s vision is to build Europe’s pre-eminent discount variety retailer by further strengthening its market-leading proposition and capitalising on the long-term opportunity to treble the size of the Group’s current store portfolio, implying around 20 years of roll-out potential at the Group’s current rate of expansion.

 We are increasingly focused on leveraging the scale and diversity of the great business we have built in order to unlock the potential of the Group as a whole, by combining the impressive strengths and capabilities of each of the brands we operate.

Standardised store model

  • Small store format allows entry to local catchments
  • Flexible “mix and match” format model
  • Minimise operating cost


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Standardised store model

  • Lowest price
  • Market-leading childrenswear and homewares ranges
  • Convenient locations, high quality store environment


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Standardised store model

  • Winning products shared across retail brands
  • Global, direct sourcing capability minimises product cost
  • Shared suppliers, consolidated volumes


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Pepco Group’s central mission is to offer value to families on a budget.

That means we are at the forefront of lowering the cost of living across the markets we serve, providing customers with what they need for their homes and families each week.

We are proud that our operating companies make a real difference to the customers they serve and the communities in which they trade, including additional local support for those most in need.