Pepco Group was established in 2015

Pepco Group was established in 2015 and comprises two strong, independent value retailers – Pepco and Poundland, which also trades internationally under the Dealz brand, together with a global sourcing arm, Pepco Global Sourcing (PGS), which works very closely with both operating companies. Together Pepco and Poundland operate across some of Europe’s largest economies. Pepco Group is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (PCO).


Pepco is the fast-growing value retailer in Europe. The retailer operates nearly 3500 stores in 19 countries.

The first 14 Pepco shops opened in Poland in 2004. Pepco expanded into Czechia and Slovakia in 2013 and between 2015 and 2017 opened stores in Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia.

From 2018, stores have been opened in Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Austria and Germany.

Pepco’s stores are conveniently located in small to medium-sized towns and offer customers a bright and inspiring retail experience. They range in size from 350 to 700  square metres.

Pepco is widely recognised as one of Poland’s strongest brands and most dynamic companies. It has regularly won the Forbes Diamond Award as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies and the Superbrand Award for quality and trust among Polish consumers. Recently Pepco has been chosen as one of Poland’s Best Employers of 2021.

After more than 18 years of continuous growth, Pepco now serves over 30 million customers a month, offering apparel for the whole family, household goods and toys at the lowest prices. With its head office in Poznan in Poland, Pepco has around 25,000 employees in 17 different countries across Europe.


Dealz is an international chain of stores that has been present on the Polish market since 2018.

It currently operates 283 locations in 203 towns and cities across Poland and Republic of Ireland. The store offers a variety of over 3,000 products in 18 categories, including sweets, snacks, beverages, household cleaning products, cosmetics, office supplies, home decor, toys and pet products. What makes Dealz stores unique are well-known global brands, original products that are often unavailable or hard to reach in other retail chains, and highly competitive prices. Dealz employs currently almost 2,000 employees in its stores and headquarters in Poland. The chain has its own distribution centre in Łyszkowice, which provides services to locations all over the country.

Our small to medium-sized stores are located for convenience in shopping centres and retail parks, offering a curated mix of apparel, general merchandise and FMCG.


Since opening its first store in Burton-upon-Trent in 1990, Poundland, has built a network of over 800 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, offering top brands and great quality own brand products that provide customers with amazing value every day.

It now has around 18,000 colleagues who serve up to seven million customers every week from Aberdeen to Abingdon, Londonderry to Llandudno and Peterborough to Poole. Poundland offers thousands of quality products in store with over 1,000 well-known brands in 17 shopping categories including food and drink, health and beauty, household, gardening, DIY, pet, stationery, books, DVDs and toys.

Within the UK, Poundland has also rolled out Pep clothing to over 500 of its larger stores, offering kids’ and family fashion with simple low pricing to local high streets.

Pep also powers Poundland’s homewares ranges, which have won widespread acclaim for their style and value.

Poundland now also offers chilled and frozen food in over 450 stores, following its acquisition of Fultons Foods and an investment of £25m.

Poundland is part of Pepco Group which has over 4,600 stores in 21 countries including the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and across the CEE region, employing 47,000 people.


PGS provides product sourcing, product development and technical services to our PEPCO, Poundland and Dealz brand.

PGS is not a retail brand but it is crucial to our business and a real point of difference as we bring value to customers using our vertically integrated South and East Asia supply operation.

PGS delivers $1.5bn of goods for our operating companies through its operations in mainland China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.