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Press releases 20/04/23

Pepco Group N.V. Second Quarter FY23 Trading Update

Press releases 03/04/23

Pepco celebrates 100th store opening in Italy

Press releases 18/01/23

Pepco Group N.V. Completion of Accelerated Placement of Partial Steinhoff Shareholding in Pepco Group

Press releases 17/01/23

Pepco Group N.V. Partial Sale of Steinhoff Shareholding

Press releases 12/01/23

Pepco Group N.V. – Q1 Trading Announcement

Press releases 13/12/22

Pepco Group N.V – Preliminary Results for the Year Ending 30th September 2022

Press releases 01/12/22

Pepco opens 3,000th store in Berlin

Press releases 25/11/22

Pepco Group N.V. – New appointments

Press releases 12/10/22

Pepco Group N.V. – Year-End Pre-Close Trading Announcement