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Press releases 14/07/22

Pepco Group N.V. – Q3 Trading Announcement

Press releases 09/06/22

Pepco Group – Interim Results for the First Half ending 31st March 2022

Press releases 29/04/22

Pepco Group opens first PEPCO store in Germany

Press releases 22/04/22

Pepco Group N.V. – Board Changes – Trevor Masters appointed CEO, Nick Wharton to retire

Press releases 21/04/22

Pepco Group N.V. – First Half Pre-Close Trading Statement

Press releases 13/01/22

Pepco Group – Q1 Trading Announcement

Press releases 05/01/22

Pepco Group N.V. – Andy Bond to Step Down as CEO

Press releases 14/12/21

Pepco Group – Preliminary Statement

Press releases 02/11/21

Pepco Group N.V. – Management Statement